The Scarlet Pimpernel

Before Zorro, Batman and Superman there was the Scarlet Pimpernel.  
Paris, 1792.  Each day scores of the French nobility are sent to the guillotine.  They are trapped in Paris.  There is no escape.
But rumours whisper of a league of young English gentlemen of unparalleled daring who are risking their lives to spirit aristocrats across the channel.  They leave no trace behind except a note from the 'Scarlet Pimpernel'.
The ruthless spy master Chauvelin is determined to stop the rescuers by fair means or foul and, desperately outnumbered, the Scarlet Pimpernel and his men must use all their wits to evade capture and stay alive. 

With original songs, spectacular sword fights and a little bit of romance there is something for the whole family to enjoy  in this exciting and swashbuckling musical adventure.

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